• Jesse Mullen

The Intro - Vintage Trailer Rebuild

Well, we decided to take on a big project! We have wanted a vintage trailer for a long time. We wanted something we could make our own, a project we could have fun building, and lastly something that was inexpensive.

We found a Gold Coast camper trailer that was built in 1977. We love the smaller size of this trailer. It is right at 20ft long and can sleep 6. Perfect for our family of 5. The outside is in pretty good shape but pretty... ugly. At least some would say... (cough.. My wife.. cough.)

The inside is rough to say the least. The overly 70's fake wood will almost make you throw up. But to be honest, we absolutely love the cushions. They are in amazing shape. So we will keep those, but by the end of the project, these will look drastically different.

Follow along with this entire project and rebuild! It's a project we have wanted to do for a long time!



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