• Jesse Mullen

Simple Modern Coffee Table

Well, is it just me or does every woodworker start building with coffee tables? My journey down this rabbit hole of woodworking. My first build was a standard farm style coffee table. Of course, I made it too big, at least that is what my wife told me. So I sold that coffee table, and built another. Then sold that one, and built another. Finally we get to this build.

We moved a less then a year ago and our new furniture style has changed. We wanted a more modern style. I used Hairpin legs for this build. (Mostly because I already had a set and didn't want to spend more money then needed.

For the top I used Poplar. I had plenty of it in my shop and I like the character. I added a bowtie which was the first time I have ever done this. I used Slab Stitcher and loved the system. It was very simple.

Here is the video below!



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