• Jesse Mullen

My Toja Grid Pergola!

As soon as I saw the Toja Grid brackets, I knew I needed them!

We have a big backyard that has a bunch of empty space. I thought that a big pergola would give us some more entertaining space. As I drew out my design, I knew I wanted three sections.

First, the Toja Grid Hammock. This hammock is really cool and holds up to 800 pounds. My kids love the hammock and sit/play on it constantly.

Second, a picnic table area where we can sit and eat. We have wanted a space outside where we can relax and chill.

Third, a firepit area! We wanted an area we can gather, have some fun, and drink a few beers!

Well, all this came together! I was lucky enough to team up with Toja Grid on this build. It was a fun process that was pretty easy to assemble. Now, the pergola is not done. I still need to add some more privact walls and some curtains. It will give a lot more shade to the area. Also I will be adding lights above the pergola.

Tell me what you think!



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