• Jesse Mullen

My First Time Smoking Ribs

Well, I've always loved BBQ. You can probably tell from my love handles, but nevertheless, I will still devour a whole rack of ribs solo. I love me some baby back ribs. So, when I got my first Traeger, the Pro 22, I instantly wanted to smoke ribs. I decided to try a a version of the 3-2-1 method.

I started by pre-heating the Traeger to 180F. I prepped the ribs by having a mustard base and some Bad Luck's BBQ seasoning. I put on the ribs and spritzed them every hour with apple juice. After it smoked for 3.5 hours, I took the ribs off, doused them in apple juice, brown sugar, BBQ sauce and wrapped them in foil.

I bumped it up to 225F and put them back on for 2 hours. After 2 hours I added more BBQ sauce and left the foil open.

I let it go for 1 more hour then pulled the ribs off to rest for 20 min.

Man, did it turn out juicy. It was the perfect amount of tenderness. They weren't fall off the bone (which typically means they were over cooked,) but tender enough to come right off while eating.

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