• Jesse Mullen

Making a Coat Rack

When your wife asks you to make a coat rack for your entry way, you do it. (Even if it’s 6 months later.)

This was a fun and easy project. If you have a weekend free and want to bust out a project, this is perfect. Here are the steps that I went through to attack this project.

See video below!



1. Choose dimensions. I decided to make this 10” wide and 3’ Wide.

2. Mill out the hardwood. I chose to use walnut and mahgoney. I wanted to make the coat rack similar to how you make a cutting board. I decided on sandwiching the Mahgoney with two pieces of walnut.

3. The Glue Up. After milling the lumber up, I glued the panel together. Then I threw the panel through the planer.

4. Sand. Finish. I Sanded the piece starting at 120 and working up to 220. After I applied General Finishes High Performance.

5. Hanging the Rack. I pre-drilled holes where I would have the coat hooks. Then underneath where the coat hooks will be, I countersunk holes where I will be attaching the rack to the wall. (See video to see this done.)

6. Finished. Hang Your coats. Enjoy the fact you finished a project!


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