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Jointer Table Saw Jig

A straight edge sled! Man… exciting! Ok, here goes. Hi, my name is Brooke Mullen. I am Jesse's wife, and it seems to be the butt of some of his jokes (if you listened to the podcast you know what I am talking about). I am helping out as part of the Mullen Woodworks team and writing some of the blog posts. The idea is that I watch, and learn from Jesse and am able to transcribe it in layman terms. Keep reading and let us know how this works. Following this post will be a corresponding video.


After spending hours being frustrated, irritable and overall grumpy, Jesse finally made a straight edge sled, also known as a jointer jig. This has been a major time and life saver in the shop. And really guys is not to hard to do.

Here are the things you need:

1. A table saw

2. Bench top clamps (4 used in the video for a 8”x9’ sled)

3. Factory edge material (particle board shown in the video, however, plywood will work as well)

4. By keeping the factory edge you guarantee that as least one side is perfectly level. The other side doesn’t matter because your rough stock will be hanging over the edge.

Here’s how:

1. Rip down plywood or particle board into a 9" strip.

2. Take the factory edge material and attach bench top clamps to particle board.

3. Clamp down the rough stock that you wish to straighten out.

4. As you run your rough stock (attached to your straight edge sled) be sure to run your factory edge material along the fence of your table saw by applying even pressure (a feather board is a great resource for this).

5. Feeding the board smoothly and with a consistent pace.

6. Get your level! Boom! You’re welcome!

In all seriousness, I hope this helps. You can make a variety of sizes and they are all beneficial for different reasons. You can get fancy with handles or keep them simple. You can raise up you bench top clamps depending on your needs so give it some thought before you dive in! They are a great resource to have in the shop to maintain your sanity, and have a happy home life/ wife. The more Jesse is out there, the better he gets! I am always excited to see how much support he gets from the woodworking community. You are all really a great and encouraging group.

Good luck, now go out and build something!




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